Workshop on KPI Based PMS training centre in Bangladesh


Workshop on KPI Based PMS


This workshop is therefore specifically designed to ensure that you design, implement and use KPIs correctly for the maximum impact with the minimum fuss. When used properly KPIs can become the compass that can guide you through even the choppiest of corporate waters leading your business to even greater success and prosperity.

Why do You Need Performance Management System?

Organization`s Benefits: Improved organizational performance, employee retention and loyalty, improved productivity, overcoming the barriers to communication, clear accountabilities, and cost advantages.

Manager`s Benefits: Saves time and reduces conflicts, ensures efficiency and consistency in performance.

Employee`s Benefits: Clarifies expectations of the employees, self-assessment opportunities clarify the job accountabilities and contributes to improved performance, clearly defines career paths and promotes job satisfaction.

Why KPI Based Performance Management System?
- Increase revenue, market share, quality, service, profit, brand image etc.

- Clear roadmap for future

- Encouraging employees to achieve

- Better understanding of the problem

- Help in decision making and analysis

- Improvement in the organization

- Prevents risk and threats

- KPIs help to measure how well companies, business units, projects or individuals are performing compared to strategic goals and objectives.

- Well-designed KPIs provide the vital navigation instruments that give you a clear understanding of current levels of performance.

- KPIs establish high performance culture in the organization.

- Increase employee retention, engagement, satisfaction and reduce attrition.

- It is a navigation tool to drive business.


Learning Session, Video Doodles, Exercise, Team Exercise, Quiz

Contents of Training:

1. KPI Integration with organization PMS

2. PMS Architecture

3. Strategy Map

4. SMART Objective

5. KPI World

6. KPI Typology

7. KPI Taxonomy

8. KPI DNA Map

9. KPI Selection

10. KPI Targeting

11. KPI Cascading

12. KPI Expo

13. KPI Clustering

14. KPI Balancing

15. KPI Documentation

16. KPI Reporting

17. KPI Data Gathering

18. KPI Visualizations

19. Designing EPMS

20. Selection of Competencies

21. Selection of Behavior

22. Developing Corporate Scorecard

23. Developing Departmental Scorecard

24. Developing Employee Scorecard

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