Excellence in Corporate Sales Management training centre in Bangladesh

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Excellence in Corporate Sales Management


Key Account Management or Corporate Sales Management is a sub function of sales management. Even though the volume may not seem significant compared to Consumer or retail sales but the impact and importance of theirs in terms of their presence and opinions go a long way in determining the fate of a company and also their business.

Strategic objectives serve as a blueprint for a company's future growth and development. Whether a company is just starting up or is already well established, these objectives set the direction and vision of the firm. The strategic objectives can be modified as conditions warrant but are typically written as a five-year plan. Goals for a training company center around meeting community needs, product diversification, increased market share and generating repeat customers.

In order to do this you must first identify key skills that are needed by your sales team. These skills should be based on what is needed to make sales in a competitive market. Once you establish the necessary skills, teach them to your sales team. To do this accompany them on sales leads and watch them perform. Audio programs and sales seminars are other successful teaching strategies that you can utilize. Once you have provided the training that you believe your sales team needs, you should follow up on that training and reinforce it.
• help you build stronger teams
• encourage and improve collective collaboration
• improve decision making abilities
• improve and transcend customer service
• focus on conflict resolution techniques
• address and help your organization prepare for change with change management

Workshops open discuss and teach models of highly effective behavior from leading business thinkers and emphasize practical skills job completion. This type of approach can result in a long period of reflection and continued change on the part of your employees. Most corporate training companies can address your training needs with your business goals and objectives in mind. They can also blend training with your company’s values and culture.

Objective of this Training
After successful completion of the training the participants will be able to:
• Develop a planned 360 degree approach to Selling.
• Evolve a structure for arriving at Long Term Plan for Key Accounts
• Get an overview of the key skills to become a Successful Key Account Manager
• Ability to come up with action plans for each account to enhance the profitability of their accounts
• Grow passion to become a Key Account Manager & Winning and Managing corporate Customers
• Building Profitable Customer Relationships
• Understand and influence customer’s buying decision for maximum profit.
• Become an expert on Prospecting, Industry research, and Market Segmentation.


PowerPoint and Video clips presentation, Handout/ Book, Individual/Group discussion.

Contents of Training:

Session # 1
Corporate Account & Corporate Account Management
Key responsibilities of KAM
Understanding Competitive Market
Analyzing the market
Understanding customer's needs
Developing winning strategy
1st motivational video

Session # 2
Relationship SELLING:
Why and how people buy
KPI’s for an Account Manager
Top Attributes of a Successful Account Manager
Corporate Account Team Leader
Skills & Knowledge of a corporate team leader
Duties & Responsibilities a Team Leader
Tips to follow for prospecting success
2nd Motivational video

Session # 3
Sales Process Flow
Your Product Knowledge: You are not selling a product; you are selling a solution to a customer’s need.
How to turn Objections into Opportunity: – learn the secret
15 Traits and Abilities for Top Sales People
Communication Process

Session # 4
Telephone Etiquette
Top 10 Customer Service Mistakes
4th Motivational video

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