Essentials of Training & Development for Organizational Excellence training centre in Bangladesh


Essentials of Training & Development for Organizational Excellence


Increasing Human Capital is gradually becoming a competitive edge for any company regardless of any sectors. Companies can ensure sustainable growth by putting a strong system in place that supports employees` training & development. This particular training highlights on the related learning tools that can develop overall productivity and performance of a company by ensuring skilled and trained Staffs.

Benefits of the learners:
After participating in the training participant`s will be able to master the following topics-

# Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process
# Design of Training Plan
# Measuring Training Effectiveness
# Training Delivery Methods
# Developing a learning culture
#Training ROI
#Kirkpatrick`s Four-Level Model


“ Lecture Discussion
“ Brain Storming
“ Case Study
“ Group Exercise
“ Interaction between participants 7Resource Person
“ Practical Problem Solving Exercise

Contents of Training:

Part 1

# What is Training
# Types of Training
# Introduction to a systematic training process
# What is competency framework
# Developing Training Materials
# Delivering Training
# Assessment in training sessions
# Role Play: Train your colleagues

Part 2

Training Need Analysis (TNA)
# Learning VS Training
# Methods of Training
# Training Wheel
# Job Analysis
# Training Need Assessment/Analysis
# Training Need Assessment Method

Part 3

Return on Investment on Training Initiatives by HR
# What is Return on Investment (ROI)?
# Training Evaluation
# Kirkpatrick`s Four-Level Model
# ROI on Training (ROTI)
# Uses/Benefits of ROTI
# Some mathematical analysis on ROTI

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All the HR Professionals who have keen interest in Training & Organizational Development
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.