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Strategic Human Resources Management


Learn how to connect your HR function with your organization`s strategies; make changes and get results.

Strategic decisions made by organizations can have a significant impact on human resources as new hires, cutbacks or additional training may be required. All too often, senior HR professionals are put in a position of simply reacting to boardroom decisions. In order to contribute productively to high-level discussions of corporate strategy, HR leaders must have a firm grasp of the key concepts, models and language of strategy. A knowledgeable HR manager working in partnership with a management team can have a powerful impact on an organization`s success.

This Strategic HR Management training provides you with intensive training in strategy, enabling you to participate equally in the boardroom and contribute to the decision-making processes in your organization.

As we enter the new era of an advanced high-tech environment, the business world is also entering into an era of fierce competition marked by takeovers and mergers. This illuminates the type of dynamic and complex business environment that companies have to face. The rapid change in the economic environment reminds us that, for a business to survive, it has to focus on its core competencies in order to keep ahead of the competitors. The field of Strategic Human Resource Management has evolved mainly in accordance to the fact that human resources need to be managed strategically for the organization to enjoy sustainable competitive advantage over others. Organizations that learn how to manage their human resources well would have an advantage over competitors in long run since acquiring and deploying human resources effectively and efficiently is difficult and takes a strategic long term approach.

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) implies a concern with the ways in which HRM is crucial to organizational effectiveness. Organizations should become aware of the importance of linking the organization`s HR practices to strategy that leads to greater organizational performance.

This program provides exposure to advanced Human Resource Management concepts, knowledge and skills for the optimal strength building of HR Practitioners and turning them into Strategic Business Partners in their organizations. So, in order to develop current and future HR professionals in Bangladesh and beyond, BD Training offers a Long Course in Strategic HR Management through a Long Course to enhance the knowledge base in this field.

This Strategic Human Resources Management course is based on a proactive approach to the management of people. Using your workplace as the starting point, you will walk through a strategic, competency-based facilitation model of human resource management. You will deal with practical aspects of managing people in the workplace in activities ranging from the assessment of the global environment to the identification of staffing needs and competencies that impact human resource decisions. You will assess the importance of coaching and open communication when inspiring individuals to overcome barriers to peak performance. Throughout the course, you will learn from others in your group as they apply the model to their environment. You will learn by doing and by applying what you learn to your own work environment.


PowerPoint presentations
- Interactive Lectures & Handouts
- Exercises with practical real life examples, problems & solutions
- Sharing & Participatory
- Group Work
- Videos
- Case studies
- World’s Best Practices
- Open floor discussion Questions & Answers

Contents of Training:

Day 1: The strategic approach to HRM
# Overview of Strategic Management
# Strategic Approach to HRM
# Integrating HR Strategy with Corporate and Functional Strategy
# Strategy Formulation, Decision Making and Problem Solving

Day 2: Strategic Human Resource Planning and Staffing
# Strategic HR Planning
# Organizational Growth Cycles and Planning
# Nature of Human Resource Planning
# Model for Human Resource Planning
# Estimate Human Resource Shortages or Surpluses

Day 3: Strategies for HR acquisition and placement
# Developing a Talent Acquisition plan
# Placing the Right People to the Right Job
# Career Management & Succession Planning
# Developing People or Hiring Developed People
# Improving or Replacing Poor Performance

Day 4: Strategic Socialization, training and development
# Socialization and Cultural Orientation
# Developing organization specific competencies
# Ensuring Performance Improvement

Day 5: Improving Productivity and Quality of Work
# Productivity and Quality of Work
# Leadership Development
# Measuring and Rewarding Productivity
# Productivity Improvement Techniques
# Employee Involvement and Engagement

Day 6: Using PMS for Attaining Strategic Goal
# Objective of Performance Management
# Performance Appraisal Process
# Identifying the appropriate PMS
# Aligning PMS with Strategic Directions

Day 7: Strategic Compensation System and Maintaining Human Resources
# External and Internal Environmental Variables
# Strategic Compensation Options
# Strategic Approach to Compensation
# Motivation Theory
# Strategic Management of Benefits
# Corporate Effort to Measure Benefit Effectiveness

Day 8: Using Human Resource Information System for Decision Making
# Strategic Decision Process
# Integrating Human Resources in Strategic Decisions
# Human Resource Accounting
# Human Resource Information Systems
# Human Resource Audit

Day 9: Global HR Environment
# Components of External Environment
# Global Business Environment
# Influence of the Economic Environment on Industry
# Human Resources Role in Environmental Scanning

Day 10: Strategic Restructuring
# Restructuring Options
# Strategic Variables
# Impact of Restructuring on Human Resources

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This program is for senior human resource professionals, or line managers who are responsible for connecting HR with the organization.