Certificate Course on Project Planning and Management training centre in Bangladesh

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Certificate Course on Project Planning and Management


Project management is the basic skills of manager or leaders of any sector, however in commercial sector, NGO sector or Government sector. A project usually deemed to be a success, if it achieves the objectives according to their acceptance criteria, within an agreed timescale and budget. A key factor that distinguishes project management from just 'management' is that it has the final deliverable and a finite time Span.

Major Objective of the course is to capacitate the managers or leaders to plan and manage project effectively and efficiently as required standard, and achieve project objective quality, as well as project impact positively. After completion of the course, the participants will be able:• To understand basics of project •To define project management cycle•To define project planning and Project Management Framework (PMF)•To understand project management process•To define monitoring and evaluation, tools and technique •To define managers role in project management effectively •To understand how a Project Manage Quality •To understand staff management, work distribution and team building• To developing project budgets• Project Procurement• To improve quality of leadership •To mitigate management risk and resolve problem • To understand change management• To understand formal Reporting• To understand project sustainability



Contents of Training:

Session 01
• Conceptual over view on Project
• Conceptual over view on Program
• Project and Program
• Cycle of Project and Program
• Project Management Cycle
• Questions & Answers

Session 02
• Project designing and planning
• Project Management Framework (PMF)
• Analysis stakeholder, problem, objectives and strategies
• Questions & Answers

Session 03
• Identify intervention, indicator, verification, assumption
• Project Budgeting
• Project Implementation and Management
• Questions & Answers

Session 04
• Basics of Management
• Effective and efficiency
• Manager and Management
• Coordination
• Supervision
• Questions & Answers

Session 05
• Staff development and management
• Communication skills
• Team building
• Leadership and management
• Supervision and management
• Conflict management and problem solving
• Questions & Answers

Session 06
• Project Monitoring
• Project Evaluation
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation tools and technique
• Management controlling
• Questions & Answers

Session 07
• Managing Project Quality
• Stress Management
• Risk analysis and Management
• Change management
• Questions & Answers

Session 08
• Formal Reporting
• Project sustainability
• Questions & Answers
• Closing

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Project Management
• Managers/Project Managers
• Mid-level and Entry-level Executives
• GO/NGO/Banking/Construction and Corporate Professionals
• Who are interested to start career in GOs/International NGOs/Corporate Trade