Corporate Sales Management Excellence: Advance Negotiation Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Corporate Sales Management Excellence: Advance Negotiation Skills


In today`s business world, Corporate Sales Management and subsequently effective negotiation is very important for any corporate operation: it can be for General Consumer Business as well as any other business. For B2B business, Key account management plus maintenance with effective negotiation is one of the top most important criteria to win deals, campaigns, works, orders etc. This Training session is a highly interactive day long realistic workshop specially designed with a practical and motivational thrust for Sales Personnel, to develop a professional approach towards Salesmanship and enhance Negotiating Skills by establishing strong Strategic Alliances to maximize Sales and Productivity


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group work, Practical and real-life examples.

Contents of Training:

1.Basics of Sales and Marketing
2.Industry Research, Segmentation and Prospecting
3.Detailing Customers Buying Decision Process
4.3 Major Drivers for Winning Sales Deal
5.Product Benchmarking with Competition
6.Designing Sales Call System and Route with effective Recording of Sales Prospects
1.Overview on Steps of Sales Call
2.Effective Preparation, Prospecting and Surveying
3.Razor Sharp Presentation and Effective Communication
4.7 killer techniques for effective negotiation
5.Objection Handling and Complain Management
6.Building Strategic Alliance
7.Personal Selling Excellence: Dos` and Don`ts of One to One Sales
8.Key Account Management and Maintenance
9.Way Forward and Closing

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This Training is Highly Recommended for:
All Sales and Marketing professional who are working or intent to build career in Corporate Marketing and Sales arena in Competitive Corporate Industry.