Lean Yellow Belt for RMG training centre in Bangladesh


Lean Yellow Belt for RMG


In Bangladesh there are many job opportunities available in IE & Lean department. This training will boost your knowledge on Lean and help you to win better job. This training will give you practical knowledge on Lean which will help you to work in this sector more efficiently and you will be more confident to implement Lean tools in your factory.

Benefits of the training: After getting this training you-
1. Will confident in Lean tools implementation.
2. Can understand the Lean.
3. Will learn Lean
4. Can understand where scope of lean implement is
5. Can understand lean activities of IE for RMG.
6. Can understand how much important of Lean for RMG
7. Can face viva easily.
8. Can do all calculation perfectly & within short time.
9. Can understand about the waste
10. It will help to reduce waste very quickly
11. Can understand about the Quality
12. Can understand how many tools of Quality & how to implement
13. Can understand about the Maintenance
14. Can understand how to do KAIZEN in RMG
15. It will help to increase of factory productivity.
16. After Complete the course you will Get Certificate of Lean Yellow Belt.



Contents of Training:

Chapter ** 1
1. Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
2. Lean-History
3. TPT
4. What is Muda?
5. Types of Muda
6. Mura
7. Muri
8. 5 Golden Principle of Gemba
9. TPS
10. TPS-14 Principle

Chapter ** 2
11. 5S
17. 5S Checklist
18. 5S Benefits

Chapter ** 3
19. TFM
20. Lean Principle
21. Customer demand analysis
22. VSM
23. Takt Time & Line Balancing
24. Pull Production
25. TPM
26. Seven Step of Problem solving
27. History of Maintenance
28. TPM Structure
29. TPM Measure
30. OEE
31. SMED
32. MISER Tricks
33. Seven steps of SMED
34. SMED measure
35. TQM

Chapter ** 4
36. What is Quality
37. Journey of quality
38. 7 QC Tools
40. Kanban
41. Benefits of Kanban
42. Poka-yoke
43. Lean implementation phase
44. Phase wise Lean Tools
45. Question and Answer

• IE / Planning Related Person
• Merchandiser/Quality/Maintenance/Production Related Person
• Factory, Production & Store Manager/ Factory Top Management
• University Graduate who are interest to develop career in RMG Sector
• Factory Owner
• Supply chain & HR Related person
• Those who want to learn about Lean in RMG Sector
• Any Person wants to become an efficient and successful IE
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.