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Advanced Course on Research Methodology

Introduction Training, through its grueling journey over the years, had located that many organizations and the professionals of NGOs & the corporate bodies do not have the appropriate understanding about Research Methodology, which is very important for any progress of activities and anticipated results. That intrigued BDJOBS to take on an initiative to conduct an extended course on Research Methodology in order to improve the vital skill for the entire relevant private and public sector employees or people working for research. We understand that the Research Methodology needs to be clear, logical, and correct. This course will help you plan appropriately for developing an effective Research Methodology in choosing the most effective way to present to your audience. Through the course, you will become a more competent and confident researcher, with a stronger ability to use clear methods, appropriate information and correct languages including different tailor made techniques of conducting research for any project/program for you or your organization.
It requires to be mentioned that many of the researchers forget about some minor details and also the appropriate techniques & languages, which are very important to be considered.
This course would focus on improving Research Methodology by including/applying proper methods of conducting them.
Success in developing effective monitoring & evaluation depends on number of issues, which are:
* Proper understanding on the Terms of Reference (TOR) or the objective of the research.
* Organize thoughts and write with purpose and conviction on the basics of research.
* Effectively plan for your audience, purpose & tone along with methods.
* Develop & edit the contents for clarity, conciseness, and correctness, and
* Attach the necessary & proper documents.

Learning from the course
Learning from the course could be as follows:
* Challenges/barriers of conducting research and trouble shooting
* Definition & Steps/stages of the research
* Methodology of research
* Types of research
* Techniques of research
* Proofing, revising and finalizing the research report


The whole process of the training would be exploratory, reflective, interactive and participatory methods would be applied during the process. Power Point Presentations would be given during the sessions and there will be number of hands-on practice through group works.

Contents of Training:

Research and Research Methodology

The opening session of the course would concentrate on the meaning & definition of research and research methodology. This would also deal with research method versus methodology and importance of research.

Research Methodology

The session would focus on the concept, types, purposes, perception and process of Research methodology, and also on the significance, objective of research, and research &scientific method.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

This segment of the course would deal with different processes and purposes of Qualitative & Quantitative Research.

Steps of Research

This session would provide an understanding on 18 steps of research to the participants.

Research Design

The session would introduce the Case Study Approach of research, reasons for choosing case Study Approach, combining approach and mixed methods, sampling the research respondents and also structured questionnaire survey.

Reasons & Stages of Research

This part of the course would introduce 7 reasons and 8 stages of research.


Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) and Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) are the integral part of a qualitative research and those would be focused during the session alon with the process of sequential reflection and action, rationale of PRA, advantages & disadvantages of PRA and the difference between PRA & RRA.

Data Collection Techniques

This part would deal with different techniques of data collection, especially in case of quantitative survey/research.

Market Research

Definition of Action Research, its process, purposes and theories would be dealt with in this session.

Action Research

Definition of Action Research, its process, purposes and theories would be dealt with in this session.

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list of the course process. Some more could be added along with practical sessions during the 18 hour intervention.

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