Employee separation & Final settlement, Disciplinary procedure and Leave management training centre in Bangladesh


Employee separation & Final settlement, Disciplinary procedure and Leave management


Employee separation of workers and its final settlement in the private organization, especially in the industry level are not an easy job; it is subjected to consider many factors to ensure the proper compliance of employment laws, rules and company policies. Similarly, following disciplinary procedure and working with leave management are also difficult works. Therefore, the main objective of this course is to earn sufficient knowledge in both technical and professional ground about employee separation & its final settlement, disciplinary procedure and leave management in the light of Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 (including amendment 2013 and 2018) and Bangladesh Labor Rules 2015.

Working Objectives
1. Getting clear knowledge and procedure about employment separation, final settlement and disciplinary action and leave management;
2. Learning technical and professional ground dealing with employment separation, final settlement, disciplinary action and leave management document;
3. Learning on defending legal issues while be in the court on the above issues.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Module-1: Employee separation & Final settlement

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definition of separation and separation benefits
1.3 Types of Separation
1.4 Component of Final Settlement
1.5 Payment /Deduction for notice period
1.6 Dealing with partial notice period
1.7 Resignation under section 27(3A)
1.8 Payment for notice period
1.9 Dismissal under section 23 (4)
1.10 Removal under section 23 (2) instead of dismissal
1.11 Retrenchment with formal notice
1.12 Retrenchment under Section 16(7)
1.13 Separation procedure for discharged employee
1.14 Benefits of retired employee
1.15 Benefits in case of death of employees

Module-2: Disciplinary procedure

2.1 Background of disciplinary procedure
2.2 Steps of punishment procedure
2.3 Importance of written allegation
2.3 Conducting Primary Investigation
2.4 Normal Shaw cause and Shaw cause with suspension
2.5 Considering statement of accused employee
2.6 Component of issuing inquiry notice
2.7 Formation of Inquiry committee, conducting Inquiry and writing report
2.7 Decision making, approval & communicating Dismissal letter
2.8 Documents available for inquiry
2.9 Difference between domestic inquiry and Criminal Code
2.10 Can a domestic inquiry be effective during case pending in Criminal Code?

Module-3: Leave management

3.1 Types of leave
3.2 Eligibility of casual leave & sick leave
3.3 Eligibility of earned leave and its calculation
3.4 Maternity leave and its benefits
3.5 Weekly off-day; conditions to work in weekly off-day
3.6 Festival leave; conditions to work in weekly off-day
3.7 Leave without pay (LWP)

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Any employee working in the department of HR, Administration, compliance and accounts department can attend the session. Even, the fresh graduates waiting have jobs in those functional areas can attend the workshop to smoothen the way of entrance in the job market.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.