UX (User Experience) Design Process training centre in Bangladesh

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UX (User Experience) Design Process


Because of the increasing digitization of products and services and the need to make them usable and user-centric, there is no alternative way except considering User Experience. In this regard, UX design is not just a fascinating field to get into, it’s simply good to develop Users’ Experiences in the digital world. UX Design thinking can help you save time and find more creative solutions to your customers' needs.

- To understand where UX Design thinking fits into product development and what it can help you achieve goal
- To have comprehensive idea on each step in the design process: from identifying the problem you want to solve and brainstorming solutions, to prototyping, development, and release
- To help move toward broader user-centered design techniques such as information architecture, wire framing, usability testing


PowerPoint, Interactive

Contents of Training:

Session 1
- What is UX Design?
- UX Design VS Graphic Design
- UX VS. Usability
- Why Do We Use UX Design?

Session 2 & 3
UX Design Process
User Requirement analysis:
Why user research is important?
User Research methods, tools etc.

Session 4
Usability in Design
Information Architecture
Prototyping (Low-fidelity and high-fidelity)
Considering context of use

Session 5
- Testing and Evaluation:
Usability Testing
Types of Testing
How it can be done?

- Implementation
Collaboration of other departments
Working with Developers

Session 6
Usability Toolbox
Usability methods based on product development phase
Usability Methods Handbook

Session 7 to 10
Managing a small project

In this section, a dummy project will be created to be managed to observe, if the whole process of UX Design is well understood. Different tools and software will be used to complete the project.

Tools to be used:
Techsmith Morae (usability testing software),
Justinmind (wire-framing tool)

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