Cost Effective Approach of Procurement and Logistic Management Including Export Import training centre in Bangladesh


Cost Effective Approach of Procurement and Logistic Management Including Export Import


# Short Description of Commercial, Procurement And logistics
# Benefits from The Course
# How Participants will be Benefited



Contents of Training:

Session -1: Understanding on going Procurement Process
Knowing the present Commercial Procedure
Effective Logistics Management Approach
ery Brief Discussion

In Details: International Payment methods
i. Various types of B/L
ii. T/T
iii. Lien Bank and Offshore Banking
iv. Various types of Loan
v. Master L/C & Back to Back L/C
vi. Required documents for various types of Loan

Session -2
Group Work: 3 Person in a Group
Identifying Different LC Terms based on Previous Days Lecture
T/T conduction
Types of Loan and Interest Rate
A. Bangladesh Government Policy for Foreign Trade
i. Government Import Policy Order
ii. Government Export Policy Order
iii. Business Licensing Procedures
 Bond License
 CCI&E Permission (IRC, ERC )
 Activities with EPB, BGMEA, BKMEA, BTMA
 EPB, BGMEA, BKMEA, BTMA Documentation
 Bangladesh Bank Permission

Session -3
Group Work: Govt. Import Policy VS Export Policy
Debate on which policy is better and How (2 Group)
nternational Rules for Foreign Trade
ICC Rules
WTO Rules

Session -4
Customs Rules & Regulation
H.S Code, Customs Duty & VAT
Landing cost calculation Procedures
Port authority charges
Export Facilities
Various types of S.R.O

Session -5
Documentation on Export & Import
Invoice, Packing List, COO, COA
Third Party documents
Air & Sea Freight Calculation
L/C amendment procedures
Bill of Export, Bill of Entry, Bill of Exchange
Local & international Logistics documentation
Cash Incentive Procedures
GSP & PRC Procedures
Shipping Bill and Shipping Guarantee
Dealing with C&F Agent
Freight Forwarding Agent
Shipping Line
Master L/C & Back to Back L/C Documentation
Bill of Export, Bill of Entry, Bill of Exchange

Session -6
Individual Work:
Cost Calculation with Vat and Tax (a Math)
Practical Knowledge Sharing
Recap and Question answer Class 1, 2, 3 and 4
F. Group Discussion
G. Question & Answers Session

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The Training course is mainly designed for Procurement professionals including Mid-Level & top level Managers and Executives working in public and private sector. Besides it is also equally important for fresh graduates who intend to become procurement professionals because it is a complete training course on Cost effective Procurement.