Energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management (Based on ISO 50001:2011, ISO 14064:2006 & Higg FEM 3.0) training centre in Bangladesh

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Energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management (Based on ISO 50001:2011, ISO 14064:2006 & Higg FEM 3.0)


The energy management in reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires a systematic evaluation of the existing system. The implementation of ISO 50001:2011 standard enables an organization to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption. Whereas, the ISO 14064-1:2006 standard details the principles and requirements for designing, developing, managing and reporting organization- or company-level GHG inventories.

Managing GHG emissions and protecting a business from potential impacts of climate change is fundamental to achieving a sustainable growth and ensuring stable shareholder returns. Keeping this in mind, the Higg Index was developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition which enables an organization to accurately measure and score a company or product’s sustainability performance.

This training has been designed to enable the participants getting the basic idea of Energy & GHG Management and understanding relevant requirements of Higg Facility Environmental Module 3.0 (Higg FEM 3.0). After completion of this training, the participant will be able to:

• Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy
• Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy
• Use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use
• Measure the results
• Review how well the policy works, and
• Continually improve energy management.
• Find out the sources of GHG Emissions
• Quantify the GHG emissions
• Generate Energy and GHG Management report in line with Higg FEM 3.0


PowerPoint Presentation, Group Exercise, Video Clips

Contents of Training:

Session 1: Introduction to Energy Management System (EnMS)

• Introduction
• Importance of Energy Management
• Energy Scenario in Bangladesh
• Energy Fundamentals
• Group Exercise

Session 2: Session 2: Higg FEM 3.0

• Introduction to Higg FEM 3.0
• Section 2 (Energy and GHG) of Higg FEM 3.0
• Section 6: Air Emission (Related to Energy)

Session 3: Introduction to ISO 50001:2011 (Continued..)

• Overview of EnMS
• Policy and Planning
• Implementation and Operation
• Checking and Management Review
• Gathering data for generator heat balance
• Case Study/ Group Exercise
• Demonstration of Instrument

Session 4: Greenhouse Gas Accounting

• Concept of Greenhouse Gas
• Sources of Greenhouse Gas
• Basic requirements ISO 14064-1:2006
• Greenhouse Gas Quantification and Calculation of Carbon dioxide equivalent

Session 5: Challenges in Energy Management and Share of Experience

Session 6: Handover of Certificates

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.