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Complete Spoken English Course


The ability to communicate effectively through speaking is highly valued in business and social contexts. Oral communication, within an organization may include ** staff meetings, business meetings, and other face-to-face meetings, public presentations such as speeches, lectures and conferences.

Verbal communication describes any type of interaction between individuals which makes use of words and involves speaking and listening. In oral communication, the sender and receiver exchange their thoughts or ideas verbally either face-to-face discussion or through any mechanical or electrical device like telephone or Skype. Oral communication is effective when it is clear, precise, relevant, informative and adapted to the needs of the listener.

How participants will benefit after course:
After finishing the course, the participants should be able to overcome their hesitations and be confident in talking privately or publically. It is because the lessons included are based on practical needs of the speaker and listener. They must have been familiar with how to speak fluently and precisely. The skill they would have can be used in personal, social and business situations.


Lecture, discussions and continuous test and assessments.

Contents of Training:

1) Formal and Informal English ** how to distinguish between them, common uses.
2) Everyday Greetings ** how to greet people generally, how to respond to any greetings, etc. How to make introductions, how to say parting words, etc.

(End of Lesson One and Test)

3) Interrogative expressions ** how to ask anything.
4) WH Questions ** mostly used interrogative words.

(End of Lesson Two and Test)

5) How to use tag questions.
6) How to use contractions.
7) How to use discourse markers.

(End of Lesson Three and Test)

8) How to make any statements ** agreement, disagreement, etc.
9) Situational Dialogues ** how to talk about different situations, places, occasions.

(End of Lesson Four and Test)

10) Common English Expressions.

(End of Lesson Five and Test)

11) How to learn vocabulary ** everyday vocabularies, special words, etc.

(End of Lesson Six and Test)

12) Pronunciation ** how to pronounce correctly in British English.
13) Basic Phonetics ** how words are pronounced in English, what are accents, dialects, etc.

(End of Lesson Seven and Test)

14) British and American English - common practice and difference.
15) What is fluency? How to speak fluently.
16) Netiquettes ** how to use social media.

(End of Lesson Eight and Test)

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  • Friday, May 29, 2020

Overcome the Fear of speaking, Formulate the Right message ...

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