Facebook Messenger Marketing with ChatBot training centre in Bangladesh


Facebook Messenger Marketing with ChatBot


80% of business-to-customer communication is going to be done through bot messengers within the next three to five years.

Messenger marketing is a new and increasingly popular way to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers. As a marketing channel it boasts better engagement than any other channel out there, including Email, Direct mail, Social media, Push notifications, or anything else.

So what does that mean? Very simply, it means when you send your customers a message on Facebook Messenger, more people will open, read, and interact with your messages. And those messages can either be live (say, a real-time conversation between a customer service rep and a customer), or they can be automated using a chatbot (much like an email autoresponder series). But unlike email, which has come to feel like work for most people, Facebook messages are quick & easy to respond to. As a result, they get sky-high open and click-through rates.

If it sounds a little bit like SMS marketing, you`re right. But, with Messenger Marketing, you can do a lot of things you can`t with SMS, like sending beautiful messages that come complete with clickable call-to-action (CTA) buttons, GIFs, galleries, and more. Messenger Marketing combines the instant delivery & attention of SMS with the attractiveness and automation power of email. Messenger also feels more personal than email, but less invasive than SMS—striking the perfect balance for businesses looking to communicate with customers.

How participants will benefit after the course
- They will differentiate between email communication and messenger communication
- They will adopt conversational style best fit for messenger communication
- Build and increase subscribers for messenger communication
- They will setup messenger platform that best describes their business
- They will setup chatbot that automatically works as customer service agent on behalf of their business



Contents of Training:

What is messenger marketing?
This session demonstrates how messenger marketing works, how companies are using it for business, how it is a better tool than others.

Building subscribers
Subscribers are the people who you can communicate with messenger. Building a big subscriber list is first thing you want to do in messenger marketing. This session orients you with growth tools such for increasing subscribers.

Managing subscribers
Promoting product/service to right audience is important for marketing. You can manage subscribers by segmenting them, which means, you separately label them with age, gender, interest or tag them for specific product or service.

Menu setup in messenger
You can setup menu with relevant product/service information in messenger. Menu helps the people get information about your business in messenger.

Communication strategies
This session introduces you to strategies best suitable for messenger. It also guides you what messenger communication is, compared to other communication channels.

What is chatbot
This session gives introduces you to chatbot and its brilliant features.

Setup default reply
You can setup a common reply to all queries that people make in messenger. Let`s learn how to setup a default reply in this session.

Welcome message
Set up a welcome message for people who get in touch with your business in messenger for the first time. Don`t you do it for your customer?

Setup a bot
Isn`t it sound awesome? Now you are going to create your own bot. I was thrilled when I setup my first bot. I am sure you are going to feel the same.

Content for bot
This session gives you knowledge of how to use content for conversational bot.

Words that trigger/activate your bot for auto-conversation are called keywords. You will learn how to set keywords for bot.

You want to educate your customer for period of time/ days. You can setup series of messages that your customer may receive in a given time frame such as once a day, once in 2 days or once in every week or a total information pack that completely educates customers about your product/ service.

In this session, let`s learn how to broadcast/send your message to all customers. I tell you ** it`s fun.

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