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Leadership Development Program


Recognizing that today's uncertain business climate calls for visionary leaders, Leadership Development Workshop presents an integrated view of the fundamentals of management. By gaining a deeper understanding of core business functions, you will improve your decision-making skills and expand your leadership capacity.

This workshop has been developed for professionals who want to climb up the ladder of managerial position and above. You might have aspirations to hold management position in multinational or in reputed national companies but you are not ready yet. Also this course is for those, who are stuck in jobs due to insufficient managerial skills or you might want a career shift through equipping yourselves in management skills and anatomies.

It is also seen that very bright and scholars from engineering graduates are often refused in job interviews only due to insufficient knowledge and orientation of Management & Business terminologies. Keeping those under in consideration, this program has been developed to give you one stop solution which covers almost all major areas in Management. Whatsoever is your background and education, this course is appropriate for you as this course will chronologically nourish you to grab better understanding what corporate managers need and want.


Individual Exercise, Group Tasks, Role Plays, Case Analysis, AV media, Instructor Led Discussions.

Contents of Training:

Team Building:
# 5 W`s of Team Building
# Team Building 8 common Approaches
# Steps of Team Building Development
# Characteristics of Effective Team
# Team Building through Communication
# Team Building through Activities

# 5 key Elements of Leadership.
# 10 Managerial roles based on their 3 Categories.
# Interrelationships among the levels of Leadership Analysis.
# Similarity and difference between the Trait and Behavioral Leadership Theories.
# Interrelationships between Trait and behavioral Leadership theories and contingency theories.

Change Management:
# Definition of Change Management
# Perception of Change Management
# Resisting for Change
# Managing Change
# 18 Best Practice in Leading Change

Negotiations & Conflict Management
# Nature of Negotiations
# Characteristics of Negotiations
# Conflict Management
# Level of Conflicts
# Function of Conflicts
# Style of Conflict Management
# Key Steps in Negotiating Process

Critical Thinking
# What is Critical Thinking
# 4 Aspects of Critical Thinking
# Ideal Methods of Critical Thinking
# 4 Common Decision Making Problems

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Price 2,990 Tk + VAT
Ridwanul Karim Chowdhury
  • Saturday, June 13, 2020

Like it or not, teams are here to stay because of effective ...


"Nice and Satisfactory" Md. mahmudul Hasan
"This is a very fruitful workshop we have attended. Hope we will be able to apply the knowledge from that training"
"Actually a lot of things i have learnt from here that i have never think/know before,That helps to build my career brighten" Md. Ziaul Haque,Deputy Manager,Apex Footwear Limited
"First Training in my life. very well"Mohammed Masud Rana,Regional Sales Manager (RSM),Meridian Foods Ltd.
"It was an excellent session and will be helpful for me"Abdullah-Al-Masum,Deputy Operation Manager,Apex Footwear Limited.
The workshop was very effective and it would help me to develop my career. Md. Shakil Parvez, Aftab Agro Business
Professionals wanting to climb up the ladder of Managerial position and above.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.