Certificate Course on Practical HR Operation training centre in Bangladesh


Certificate Course on Practical HR Operation


Human Resource Management is an integral part of any organization. It as been recognized by the top management as well as owner of any organization that the sustainability and growth of any organization is highly depends on the operation of HR function in the organization. To meet up this challenges HR professionals need to be more skilled and competent

Participants of this course will also be equipped through some tools & formats to be used in different HR functions. Young HR professionals will be highly benefited from this course. As well as people form other department will also be benefited to know the operation of HR in any organization by joining this course

Objective of the Course: After successful completion of this course, participants will be:

1. Able to understand the basic function of HR in any organization
2. Able to run HR operations
3. Equipped with some tools and formats of HR department
4. Able to enhance productivity and performance of employees
5. Able to introduce SMART reporting system for self-monitoring


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

Module-1: Strategic Role, Job Analysis, Recruitment & Selection

# Strategic Role of HR in today`s business
# Objective of Job Analysis
# Formats of Job Analysis
# Steps and Process of Job Analysis
# Steps for Recruitment & Selection
# Formats use in Recruitment and Selection

Module-2:Performance Management
# Objective of Performance Management
# Methods of Performance Management
# Tools for different Performance Management
# KPI Based Performance Management System

Module-3: Training & Development

# Steps and Techniques to conduct TNA
# TNA Reporting
# Functions for organizing Training
# Methods and Techniques for Training Evaluation
# ROI of Training
# Role of a Training Manager

Module-4: Compensation & Benefit Management

# Design Compensation & Benefit
# Design Pay Structure
# Steps and Techniques for Compensation Survey
# Incentive based Compensation
# Different benefit packages

Module-5: Employee Separation & basic about Labor Law

# Procedure for Employee Separation
# Calculation of Final Settlement
# Leave as per Labor Law
# Maternity Leave & Benefit Calculation as per Law
# PF / Gratuity Management as per law
# Disciplinary Procedure as per Labor Law
# Compensation calculation as per Labor Law

Module-6: HR Metrics and Reporting Modalities

# Metrics used to measure HR Functional Excellence
# Analysis of different metrics and decision making
# Different report for HR Department
# Report analysis and decision making

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Human Resource
1. Young & emerging HR Professionals
2. Potential HR professionals
3. Employees of other function
4. Small business owner