Proposal Writing for Development and Consulting Projects training centre in Bangladesh


Proposal Writing for Development and Consulting Projects


Donor funding is crucial since it helps implement their project ideas. To access these funds a properly responsive and effectively communicated. This course is aimed at equipping individuals in organizations of all types and sizes responsible for developing proposals with the relevant skills in writing and presenting effective and successful proposals and know-how to produce engaging, high quality, successful bids. It is relevant to people working in all sectors and to all kinds of proposals irrespective of funding source.
How participants will benefit after course
The course covers the various types of bids and proposals and the key similarities and differences between them and the various approaches needed to reflect these factors. The content of the training is structured to address all key issues central to a well-presented proposal. This includes planning, writing the bid, structure and writing style as well as finding consultants, partnership development, budgets and eligibility. Understanding the importance of review and checking, as well as the actual submission process and what happens to a proposal after submissions are also described.
Projects proposals need to be clear, concise, logical, and correct. This course will help you plan appropriately plan for developing a good project proposal in choosing the most effective way to present to your audience e.g. donors & other funding entities. Through the course, you will become a more competent and confident writer of a project proposal, with a stronger ability to use clear methods, appropriate information and correct languages including different tailor made techniques of writing a project proposal (s) for you or your organization. It requires to be mentioned that many of the proposal writers forget about some minor details and also the appropriate languages, which are very important to be considered.

As a result of completing this course, participants will be better equipped to produce a winning proposal by:
1. Understanding the key elements of a well-constructed proposal;
2. Recognising the differences between the various types of proposal and funding stream;
3. Mastering the approaches needed to deliver a proposal in a timely manner;
4. Become an expert in identifying funding opportunities
5. Prepare accurate and engaging proposal documentation
6. Avoid compromising your project
7. Make the most out of the available funding instruments
8. Improve the success rate of your project proposals
9. Learn how to negotiate effectively research and development contracts
10. Increase absorption of your funds through simplifying application and reporting processes


The course encourages an interactive approach,power point presentation,group discussion,problem-solving,discussion, practical exercises,question and answer sessions,case studies.

Contents of Training:

Day 01
Session 01 : Pre-Evaluation of Participants
Getting know Each Other

Session 02: Introduction
Setting the context and bigger picture of scope and opportunities
Jargon busting related to social research, project and procurement of services by donors/clients
Track business opportunities and donor intelligence

Session 03: How to Response to an Opportunity or Storing Telling in the Proposal
What makes a right story?
What does the Client Want?
What is Context?
How to understand Context?
What is Objective?
How to understand the Objectives?
What is Deliverable?
How to define Deliverables?
What is expectation?
How to understand client`s expectations?

Session 04: Conceptualize a Good Store telling (the Proposal)
What is Scope? How do we understand Scope?
Where do we get the understandings from?
Do we have the capacity to fulfill the requirements?
Developing a Working Model
Building on the Working Model
How to ensure Story Telling

Session 05: Developing the Methodology of Technical Proposal
Background/ Writing the understanding of objectives
Selecting the Methodology or -Implementation Strategy
Using the Research Techniques
Data Collection Tools and Matrix

Session 06: Developing Work Plan
What is Task?
Types and breakdown of task?
How to measure the duration of a Task?
How to Develop a Task/Work plan
Presentation of a sample Work Plan

Session 07: Developing and Proposing the Team to Undertake the Assignment
Why the Team is Important?
Are the positions Fixed or Open?
How to Build a Team? Casting the NET
Finding out Consultants, Collecting and Formatting CVs
How to assess the new consultants?
Using Scoring Matrix to Evaluate CVs
Developing Composition of the Team and Task Allocation Matrix
Presentation of a Sample Team structure
Presentation of Sample Task Allocation Matrix
Preparing Manning Schedule/Staffing Schedule
Presentation of a Sample Manning Schedule

Session 08: Re-Capping the lessons
Question & Answering

Day 02
Session 01 :Preparing a Competitive Budget
Forwarding of Financial Proposal and Signing
Types of Budget
Components of Budget
Calculation of VAT & Tax

Session 02 :Presenting You Organization and Making Comments on ToR
Presenting Consultant`s Organization and Experiences
Preparing Project Data Sheet
Making Comments on Counterparts Staff and Facilities to be provided by Clients
Technical Comments

Session 03 :Other Important Considerations
Maintaining Deadline
Packaging of the Proposal
Formatting the Proposal
Preparation of Checklist
Cover Design
Letter of Transmittal

Session 04 :How the Proposals scored and awarded?
Types of Evaluation Method
Scoring of Technical Proposal
Scoring of Financial Proposal
Equation of combined scoring
Contract award

Session 05 :Presentation of Sample Proposals
Sample Research Proposal of Research Firm
Sample Development/Implementation Kind of Proposal of NGO
Sample Technical Assistance Proposal by Consulting Firm

Session 06 :Group Discussion and Presentation
Group discussion and preparing proposal by groups

Session 07 :Re-Capping the lessons

Session 08 :Post-Evaluation

• Program/project coordinators and other project staff whose roles involve developing proposals for fundraising and research for their organization.
• Research Executive/Managers, Business Development Executive/Managers, Program Officers/Managers working in Consulting Firm, Research Organization and NGO involve with project proposal development for fundraising, resource mobilizations and revenue generation for the organization.
• Individual Consultants wants to bid for individual consultancy assignment and contract.
• For those who work in nonprofit, civil society, community-based organisations
• Social enterprises
• New Comers in Development Sector
• Aspirants to join development sector/Fresher
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.