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How to Deal with Difficult Customers/ Clients


Customer and Clients are both considered a person that purchases goods or services. Though these two terms are used interchangeably, there is clear distinctions that lies in the depth of relationship and types of industry they are associated with. Leaving aside the controversies of whether customers and clients are same or no, the fact remains, In today’s social marketing era, they are the king. Their needs, expectations, choices and preferences are the cardinal factors of any business.

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, it is very important for any business to create a customer base and retain potential customers/clients in order to survive, grow and lead in the industry. In that context, customer dealing has got maximum attention in the enterprises. But due to easy access to massive communication interventions and complex business intrigues, customer behavior pattern has been exposed to manifold dimensions that has made customer dealing much more challenging and demanding. On the contrarily, in absence of proper knowledge on customer dealing, business professionals conducting meetings or negotiations with potential clients in the palatial main office building or sales persons merely interacting with leman customers in the point of sale make things worse to happen.

Research on customer dealing revealed that it costs seven times more to win a new client than to keep one you already have. Therefore it is imperative to know the principles and art of customer dealing. Despite having the set of principles of customer dealing in place, there is no panacea to heal every situation encountered with customers or clients. There is no ‘one size fits all” solution in customer dealing. Here, awareness of different types of difficult customers and clients pays dividends in dealing with them. In such case, besides discussing various theoretical issues of customer dealing, sharing of practical experiences among various participants and stakeholders will generate more pragmatic solutions.

Specific Learning Objectives of the Workshop:
At the end of Workshop participants are expected to be able to:
1. Know distinctions between Customers and Clients
2. Know Points of customer and Client contact
3. Understanding Customer Decision Process
4. Know various types of customer’s needs and expectations
5. Know various reasons why customers leave.
6. Know the principles and art of customer dealing.
7. Know different types of customers as per customer segmentation, Orientation, relative value, behavior dynamic and dealing issues
8. Know how to identify difficult customers and how to deal with them
9. Know different types of difficult Clients and How to deal with them
10. Know how to Handle Difficult Client Situations


Interactive discussion, PowerPoint presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction

2. Who are the customers and Clients? Distinctions between Customers and Clients

3. Points of customer and Client contact

4. Customer Decision Process

5. Customer Needs:

Definition and types of customer needs
The RATER Model
List of Objective Customer needs
How to identify Customer needs

6. Customer Expectations:
Types of Customer expectations.
How to address Customer expectation

7. How to identify a customer’s needs and expectations

8. Why do customers leave

9. Customer Dealing Disturbing Statistics

10. 6Ps of Customer Dealing

11. The art of customer dealing

12. Identifying different types of customers

Types of customers as per Customer Segmentation
Types of customers as per Orientation of Customers
Types of customers as per Relative value
Types of customers as per Behavior dynamic and dealing issues

13. Types of Challenging/Difficult customers
Identifying difficult customers:
o Group Discussion/Brainstorming and Guided practice by participants
o Suggested solution by presenter

Principles of dealing with difficult Customers

14. Dealing with Difficult customers (Discussion, video demonstration and Group Activity)
How to deal with Argumentive Customers:
How to deal with Complaining/Hard to please Customers
How to deal with Irritable/Moody Customers
How to deal with Insulting/Snobbish customers
How to deal with Impatient customer
How to deal with Lonesome customers
How to deal with Dominating customers
How to deal with Thrifty Customers
How to deal with Suspicious Customers
How to deal with Slow/Methodical Customers
How to deal with Dishonest customers

15. Dealing with Difficult Clients
Types of difficult Clients and How to Deal with them
How to Handle Difficult Client Situations

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Customer Managers, Front-deskers, Professionals involved in customer management in organizations.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.