Blue Ocean Strategy training centre in Bangladesh


Blue Ocean Strategy


While most executives climb up the ladder mostly by demonstrating their operational and tactical efficiency, very few of them gain exposure to a structured strategic thinking. Though operational skills can yield certain level of results, their impact is very limited and easily replicable compared to a successfully implemented strategy. Due to limited strategic awareness, successes of executives are often judged by a single success or a solitary failure. This approach neither provides sustainable success for the business, nor for the executive.

Even those smart decision makers with strategic goals in mind often find themselves in war with competitors. Besides being intensely resource consuming, war is mostly a zero some activity and cannot collectively create wealth both for business and society. Traditional concept of warfare (i.e. beating the competitor) may not be the best approach to develop a high growth business strategy in this fiercely competitive market space.

In recent years several framework is suggested to ensure exceptional organizational growth in 21st centuries` fiercely competitive market space. Among them, published in 2005 by Harvard Business School Press, Blue Ocean Strategy has probably received highest attention and acclamation.

Salient features of Blue Ocean are that it is a non competitive strategy, in a sense that it refuses to compete in traditional sense. Its motto is to make the competition irrelevant. It states Stop trying to beat the completion, to beat the completion. It advocates for simplicity and visualization and appeal to avoid number crunching as a primary technique of strategy formulation.

Blue Ocean advocates that a successful strategy doesn`t have to be a work of a genius. By applying certain concepts, tools, framework and processes, we can also develop a very successful business strategy. In this course we will learn those techniques and cases of success.


PPT demonstartion, reference book walkthrough, practice exams & discussions, etc.

Contents of Training:

Day 1
Session 1:

Philosophical Basis of Blue Ocean
Rising imperatives for Blue Ocean
Blue versus Red Ocean
Value Innovation
Strategy Canvas
Case: Cirque du Sole
Activity: As-Is Strategy

Session 2
4-Actions framework
Characteristic of a good strategy
Case: Casella Wine
Activity: To-be Strategy Canvas

Session 3
Six search paths
Alternative and Substitute
Strategic Group
Buyer Group
Emotional and functional appeal
Strategic Trend

Day 2
Session 1:

Strategy Planning
Visual Awakening
Visual Exploration
Strategy visualization
Strategy Fair
Strategy Communication
Non Customer

Session 2
Strategic Sequence
Buyer`s utility Map
Strategic Pricing
Price Corridor
Target costing
Pricing Model Innovation
Profit Model
Strategy adoption

Session 3
Strategy Execution
Organizational Hurdle types
Strategies to overcome Hurdles
Tipping point Leadership
Fair Process
Theory of intellectual and emotional recognition
Executives, Senior Executives want to move up to strategic level
Professionals working in Strategic role in the company
Strategic leaders
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.