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What do you need?
Mobile phone, internet connection, laptop or desktop

How to register?
•Select your desirable course.
•Get yourself registered.
•Confirm your payment through Bkash and share your transaction Id with us.
• Your registration is done.

How to get the sessions?
• After completing your registration you will be added to a WhatsApp Group.
• A link will be shared in the group before the session starts.
• The link will take you to the virtual classroom.

How we conduct online training?
• We are using the Zoom App to conduct online sessions.
• With the help of the Zoom App you can interact with the trainer and other participants directly by video conferencing. You can also see slides used by the trainer on your screen by screen sharing option.।
• A video tutorial will be shared with you on how to download and use Zoom App
• If you face trouble to connect you can contact with our coordinators.


Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Peer learning, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play,Buzz and simulation games, Case study exercises, Video clip

Contents of Training:


- Inventory management / Material Management
- Stages of Inventory
- Types of Inventory
- Financial implications of holding inventory
- How much inventory to hold(Pipe Line Model)
- Factors Affecting Inventory Policy
- Signs of Trouble in Inventory Management
- Reasons for keeping inventory
- The role of the Inventory Manager
- Inventory Operations
- Pareto 80/20 rule
- The Supply Positioning Model: Approaches to managing stock
- Inventory Categorization (ABC Analysis based on 80/ 20 rule)
- The necessity of stocktaking and Methods and Accuracy of Stocktaking
- How do we value Inventory and its costing?
- EOQ model and Calculation of EOQ
- Danger level of materials or inventory stock and its calculation
- Re-order level or ordering point or ordering level and its calculation
- Safety stock calculation
- Inventory coding systems
- Requirement Planning in Supply Chain
- Learning Check

Warehousing/Store Management:

- Warehousing/ Store Management
- Factors influences in Warehouse design
- WMS(Warehouse management System)
- Warehouse Location
- Types of warehouse
- Ware housing costing method
- Principle of efficient material handling in the warehouse
- Main Goals of warehouse management operation
- Warehouse efficiency and inventory health
- Learning Check

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Join our training sessions from home easily by using your ...

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