How to Start an Export Business in Bangladesh training centre in Bangladesh


How to Start an Export Business in Bangladesh


Our world is becoming more connected than ever. The relation between different countries are getting stronger by the increasing developments in technology. As the world becomes more global and connected, International Business can be a useful asset to bring people and countries together. To start a successful international business, we need a product or service which is in demand in overseas markets, as well as the necessary Management commitment, resources, minimum budget, export skills and information to support sustained exporting activities over the longer term. So we need a simple strategy, where everyone in the company will involved in achieving export results is aware of the plan and has a sense of engagement with it.

Benefits:From this training, we will learn;
# Potential Export market identification
# International market research & analysis
# Country specific business planning
# Export Order Processing
# Execution shipment & release of consignment



Contents of Training:

1. Introduction of International Trade:
* Factors affecting in international trade
* Players in international trade
* Mode of entry to international market
* Basics of Bangladesh Export
* Documents required to start Export business

2. International Market Research & Analysis:
* Choose the right country
* Check the cost
* Know the market
* Choose the right local partner
* Common exporter mistake

3. Market Development Procedure:
* Develop marketing tools
* Conduct marketing campaign
* Main Export Market Analysis
* Partner search
* Partnership formation

4. Product Development Procedure:
* Selection of Products
* Registration requirement
* Standard packaging development
* Proper labeling as per buyer requirement
* Value chain analysis
* Competitive Pricing

5. Pre-shipment procedure:
* Confirmation of Export order
* Payment negotiation
* Pre-shipment inspection
* Appointment of C&F agent

6. Shipment procedure:
* Selection of Freight Forwarding agent
* Container Booking
* Bank, Customs & VAT documentation
* Distribution & Logistics
* Arranging Customs clearance

7. Post-shipment procedure:
* Original shipping documents
* Release of Consignments
* Payment realization
* Incentive

8. Different Payment methods in international trade:
* Advance Payment
* Open account
* Documentary Collections
* Documentary Credit

9. List of Export Documents:
* Sales Contract, Pro-forma Invoice
* Commercial Invoice, Packing List
* EXP, Bill of Export
* Certificate of Origin, SAFTA
* Bill of Lading, Air Way Bill, Truck receipt


11. Flow-chart of Export/Check list of overall Export

12. Question & Answer session

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1. Export-Import Professionals
2. Entrepreneur
3. Business Owner
4. Young professionals
5. University Business Students