International Trade (Import- Export) Guideline For Commercial & Supply Chain Professional training centre in Bangladesh


International Trade (Import- Export) Guideline For Commercial & Supply Chain Professional


Objective of this course is to improve and up-grade the skills of the Commercial & Supply Chain professionals dealing with Importing, and Exporting functions in respective organizations. International trade also is one of the popular ways of self-employment entrepreneurship in the present world.

International trade is divided into two major activities. They are Import & Export. Major issues in the import and export business are LC opening, bill of entry, bill of leading, insurance, freight forwarding, Customs clearing, and related domestic & international processing & procedures.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Day -1

Commercial Functions With Banks
Commercial Functions With Customs
Commercial Functions With C&F Agent
Cash In Advance, Open Account, On Consignment, Collection, Etc
Issuing Bank, Advising Bank, Confirming Bank, Negotiating Bank,
Question & Answers Session

Day -2

Import Cost Calculation
H.S Code Selection & Its Importance
Calculation Of Duty And Taxes
Cost Minimize
List Of Shipping Documents
Discripent Documents
Question & Answers Session


Sourcing Of Buyers
Sourcing Of Sellers
Documents Required By Importers & Exporters
Bill Of Entry
Bill Of Export
Bill Of Entry & Bill Of Exchange
Lcl & Fcl Cargo
Feeder Vessel & Mother Vessel
Question & Answers Session


Import Without L/C
L/C Amendment Process
Master L/C, Back To Back To L/C, Transferable L/C, Etc
Important Clauses Of L/C
Lc Check List
Lc Margin
Risk Of L/C Payment
Question & Answers Session


Export Cost Calculation
New S.R.O
Export Incentive
Landing Cost Calculation
Importer's Risks & Mitigation Process
Exporter's Risks & Mitigation Process
Question & Answers Session
Certificate Distribution

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