How to become an Efficient Merchandiser in Garments Business training centre in Bangladesh


How to become an Efficient Merchandiser in Garments Business


The position “Merchandiser” is playing a vital role in the RMG sector today. Merchandiser is the person who handles around 75% of the cost related to the garment & the production cost is only be almost about 25% of the garment. Our main objective of this program is to open their eyes to areas where they are lacking & to give some important hints to do their job in a more effective way.


“ PowerPoint Presentation “ Group Discussion “ Video Clips “ Open Discussion with Problems “ Question & Answer Session

Contents of Training:

1st Day Session
 What is merchandising and who is Merchandiser?
 What is the Role of a Merchandiser in Garments Business?
 How the global garments business is running?
 Total Chain of Works in Garments Business.
 What is Buyer, International Buying House, International Agent, Local Agent, Local Buying House, Chain Store, Whole Seller, Retailer, and Customer?
 Organogram of International Buying House
 Who all are involved in Garments Business and with whom merchandiser has to interact?
 What is Order Sheet/Product Package and how to analyze the Order Sheet/Product Package for Consumption, Costing, T&A, and Gantt-Chart?
 What is Time & Action Calendar to execute any order?
 What is Gantt-Chart to control and follow-up the order?
 How to equip oneself to become a good Merchandiser.
 How to source new Buyers.

2nd Day Session
 What are the Headings of Garments Costing?
 What is Color Standard, Lab dip, Strike-Off, Skein, and Handloom?
 How to develop an order from receiving of Product Package up to shipment.
 What is Fiber, Yarn, Filament, Carded Yarn, Combed Yarn, and Gazed Yarn?
 What all are the knit fabrics usually used in Knit garments, what is a full feeder, what is alternate feeder spandex-fabric, what is jacquard, embossed, feeder-stripe, Engineering Stripe/Textured fabric?
 Which Count of Yarn and Machine gauge will produce which GSM of fabric?
 What all are the different types of Dyeing done in Fabrics.
 What all are the Printing usually done in Garments?
 What all are the types of Embroidery done in Garments?
 What all are the Terms of Payment in Garments Business?
 What is Master LC, Back to Back LC, Issuing Bank, Advising Bank, and Confirming Bank?
 What is FOB, C&F, CIF, and CIFT Costing?
 What all are the Samples need to be handled by a Merchandiser?
 What all are the types of Container used by the shipping-line? What are their capacities?
 What is FCL, LCL, Bill of Lading, Master Airway Bill, House Airway Bill?

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Garment Merchandisers.
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