Management Skills on Criminal & Civil Cases in the work place for Administrative Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


Management Skills on Criminal & Civil Cases in the work place for Administrative Professionals


Sharpen Management Skills. We are what we repeatedly do.

The goal of business management is to create wealth for business owners by providing some value that consumers need. Creating and perpetuating a successful business has always been a challenge. And in the only-the-strong-survive world of modern business—rampant with new, ever-advancing technology—managers need unshakable knowledge, top-notch training, and a serious set of skills. Management is a skill that can be learned. Be the boss’s boss. Or, at least, be a boss. To have any success as HR & Administrative professionals, everyone should have basic management skills on legal issues.

All Professionals need to have these management skills. This training is designed to give some basic idea about Management skill on legal issues for Administrative professionals which is required in the workplace.

How participants will benefit after the course:

• Participants will learn how to make a draft of GD / FIR
• Participants will be aware of the entire process of the cases.
• Participants will not be misguided by the Law enforcing Agencies.
• Prevention of misappropriation and theft will be ensured in the workplace
• Recovery of money will be accelerated
• Cost will be reduced on legal issues
• Proper justice will be ensured in the workplace
• Behavior of the employees will be changed
• Misconduct will be reduced
• Legal obligation will be met up
• Management will be able to take the right decision
• Healthy environment and congenial atmosphere will prevail in the organization


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
2. GD Entry/Drafts of GD
3. Payment/Cost for GD entry
4. FIR/Draft of FIR
5. Important point in GD/FIR
6. Charge sheet
7. Final Report
8. Where you will make the complaints
9. Enquiry/Investigation/Judicial inquiry
10. Types of cases
11. Why you will file criminal case?
12. Why you will file civil case?
13. Service matter case

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- Managers to General Managers who lead the organization
- Any employee especially of Admin department
- Any employee who may be assigned to work as a law officer
- Any person who wants to gather knowledge on Legal issues