Be a Merchandiser in Apparel Sector training centre in Bangladesh


Be a Merchandiser in Apparel Sector


Merchandising knowledge is the very important play role in apparel sector. Without the lack of merchandising knowledge a smart merchandiser cannot perfectly execute the order & cost minimization. Many of them become unsuccessful in this sector. This training will help those potentials to improve ideas to boost up garments Merchandiser. Clothing sector is holding the top rank to earn more foreign currency and any potential can be successful in this arena through proper utilization of merchandising knowledge.

Benefits of the training: After getting this training you-
1. Can understand the RMG Sector.
2. Will learn product & Merchandising.
3. Can understand who smart Merchandiser is.
4. Can understand activities of Merchandiser.
5. Can understand your costing make profit or loss.
6. Can understand garments part & Inco term.
7. Can Understand Consumption & costing Factors.


Interactive discussion, Handouts, Question, and answer sessions.

Contents of Training:

Merchandising & Merchandiser Activities in Apparel Sector- 1
1. History of RMG Sector in Bangladesh?
2. What is Garments product?
3. Buying House or liaison office?
4. Responsibilities of Buying House
5. Responsibilities of liaison office
6. Who is buyer or customer?
7. Who is consumer?
8. What is retail store?
9. Division of garments.
10. What is merchandising?
11. Who is a smart merchandiser?
12. Types of Merchandiser.

13. Activities of a merchandiser
# Collection of cloth
# Query
# Sample development & approval
# Costing & negotiation.
# Order confirmation.
# Bulk Fabric & trims booking.
# Commercial Document.
# Buyer & Supplier Communication.
# PP meeting.
# Production follow up.
# Maintain TNA
# Production Planning.
# On time shipments follow up

14. Types of sample
# Original Sample
# Fit sample
# Proto sample
# Photo shoot sample
# Size set sample
# Production sample
# Production sample
# Shipment sample
# Fabric sample
# Accessories sample
# Document sample
# Photo Sample

15. What is Lab dip & strike off?
16. What is Tack Pack & BOM?
17. Woven Capri Pant Consumption
18. Basic T-Shirt Consumption
19. What is LC?
20. Types of LC

21.Costing Factors in Apparel Sector?
# Fabric description & sourcing
# Fabric Consumption
# Trims costing & sourcing
# Washing
# Print costing & Sourcing
# Embroidery costing & Sourcing
# Cost of Making(CM)
# Testing Parameter of garments
# Commercial charge
# Profit.
# Mode of Shipment.

22. Garments Term in Apparel Sector
23. What is quality?
24. What is quality control?
25. What Is AQL?
26. Garments Inco term
# C & F

27. Any Question?
28. Revision
29. Conclusion.

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1. Any body interested to learn what is Merchandising 2. Junior or Trainee Merchandiser who wants to build up their carrier as Merchandiser. 3. Any Merchandiser wants to become an efficient and successful Merchandiser. 4. Fresh Graduates and Junior Executives in Garments Industries.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.