General ideas of Land Management System training centre in Bangladesh


General ideas of Land Management System


Land Record Preparation is one of the important factors in land management. Due to the lack of proper knowledge on the preparation of land records people failed to include their ownership in the record. This course will help to understand the land management system of Bangladesh and the Whole Process of Land Record Preparation

How the participants will be benefited after the course:
The participants will get general ideas of the land management system of Bangladesh. They will be enriched with the whole record preparation system. At the same time, the participants will get acquainted with CS Record, SA Record, RS Record, City Jarip Record


PowerPoint presentation, Question and Answer session, Practical acquaintance with the documents (such as- CS, SA, RS, City Khatian, DCR, Dakhila, Deed), Presentation of a sample Mutation case Record.

Contents of Training:

(A) General ideas of the land management system of Bangladesh.

(B) Land Record (Khatian).
i) What is Land Record (Khatian).
ii) Discussion on CS Record, SA Record, RS Record, CityJarip Record, Mauza, J.L No, Agutangsha. Dag.
iii) Sample of CS, SA,RS & City Jarip Record.
iv) Preparation Process of Land record.
v) Objection stage (Rules-30) & Appeal stage (Rules-31).
vi) Last opportunity to correction of record before final publications.
vii) Last opportunity to correct of record before Gazette Notification.
viii) Remedy of record correction after Gazette Notification.
ix) Land survey Tribunal and Land survey Appeal Tribunal.
x) Duties of a landowner before land survey & at the time of the land survey.
xi) Duties of a landowner after land survey.
xii) How and from where Record can be withdrawn.
xiii) How the document created by the AC (Land) office can be withdrawn.
xiv) How would you find out Ex Dag and Current Dag and quantity of land from the index.
xv) What is Bata Dag &SutDag.

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