Start Your Digital Career with Digital Marketing training centre in Bangladesh


Start Your Digital Career with Digital Marketing

  • Date : 19 April - 05 May 2021
  • Duration : Evening(5:00 PM-8:00 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 5 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Monday & Wednesday
  • Total Hours : 15
  • Last Date of Registration : 18 April, 2021 ( within 5pm )
  • Venue : Online Virtual
  • In Ramadan, The class will be held from 5 PM to 8 PM and there will be a 1-hour Iftar break in between.


Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes by giving access to the mass market at an affordable price. Unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing. Digital marketing also comes with a number of challenges you should be aware of. The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. Other digital marketing advantages include increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales. So `Career-Oriented Digital Marketing (Basic to Advance)` The course is hugely interactive with projects, checklists & actionable lectures built into every section. Learn step by step how to market a business online from scratch across all the major marketing channels. So this course will help you to build your career in local and international job marketplace, over and above you can also start your own online business.

What you can learn from this course:

- Grow a Business Online From Scratch.
- Build an effective website (no coding!) and social media platform (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.) for marketing and sale from scratch.
- Find your target audience, easily convince them to become your customer and buy your products.
- Improve your brand identity and grow your brand's audience
- Increase your conversion rate by building advanced landing pages, write powerful copies and sell more.
- Bring back the people who already visited your site by advanced re targeting.
- Grow your sales by doing successful Digital Marketing.
- How to make CV/profile/portfolio for digital marketing job.
- How to be a freelance in online marketplace.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Real Time Data, Resource, Project Base Team Work, Practice & Presentation of project, , Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Class 1: Digital Marketing pre-preparation.

- Digital Marketing Landscape
* Digital marketing statistics in Bangladesh and Globally.
* The key thing to understand before you understand the digital marketing
* Essential skills all digital marketing hires must have
* The necessary tools for digital marketing
- Types of Digital Marketing

Class 2: Digital Content (Text, Image and Video making)

- The way I make content
* Graphic Design with software and without software
* Video Editing
- Content Making Resource
* 12 tools to create digital content
* 12 Awesome Digital Content Creation Tools
* Free Stock Image
* Online software for explainer video
* Video editing

Class 3: Landing Page Creation and SEO

- Build a solid platform (Website)
* Benefits of Having a Website
* How can I build my own website?
- Build a social media platform and connect with Website.
- SEO for anyone: SEO Tips for Beginners That Will Get Your Site Ranking in 2020
* What SEO means?
* Types Of SEO
* SEO For Beginners

Class 4: Paid Promotion of Social Media

- Facebook Marketing
- Google Ads

Class 5: Earn Money with Digital Marketing

- How to start your digital marketing Career
* There are three ways you can start your digital marketing career
* What type of jobs you can do as a digital marketer.
* Digital Business
- How to ace a Digital Marketing Job Interview.
* Give past examples.
* Give suggestion to them (SEO and Paid Marketing suggestion)
* Problem fix up
* What is your experience with digital marketing
* What would you do differently in that company.
* What digital marketing tools do you use?
* CV making for digital marketing.
- International Job Marketplace Introducing.
* Advantages of Freelance Jobs for Digital Marketers. List of 16 Best Freelance Websites
* What are the things you need to know before starting work in the marketplace?
- Create a sales funnel for paid marketing - start your profitable digital business.

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Resource Person

Binoy Ray

Digital Marketer and E-commerce Expert.

Binoy Ray is a Digital Marketer and Ecommerce Expert and "The Online Marketing Fundamentals" & "Digital Sales Certification" Certified by Google, "Digital Marketing" Certified by BASIS & BITM and “E-Commerce Business Models” Certified by South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC). I am worked with renowned E-commerce marketplaces in Bangladesh as a Merchant for the last 8 years as a merchant like: Othoba,,, Kiksha, AjkerDeal etc and international marketplace Fiverr and Freelancer .com, Envato etc.

And worked with 100+ E-commerce site in Bangladesh and internationally as content developer and digital marketer for 5 years. And I have an online business (Product and Digital content) and IT related (service and solution) businesses too.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Competitive Analysis & Market Research, User Experience & Conversion Optimization, E-Commerce Platforms, Website Performance Analysis and Website Strategies, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and Lead Generation, Marketing Automation Strategies with Multi-Channel Digital Content Strategy & Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategy Management, Web Design and Web Project Management, Product Design and Product Pricing.

Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Real Time Data, Resource, Project Base Team Work, Practice & Presentation of project, , Question and answer session.