Production Planning in Knit Garments training centre in Bangladesh


Production Planning in Knit Garments


Production Techniques is very important of Apparel Industry. The apparel industry traditionally has consisted mostly of production workers who performed the cutting and sewing functions in an assembly line. Textiles, especially fabric are the fundamental component of a readymade garment because it is the basic material of garments. So, it is important to know the manufacturing sequence of fabric from fibers. Without knowledge of planning & production, it is impossible to maintain the quality of a garment.

This course will help to enhance your knowledge in this sector as well as clear your all confusions


Interactive discussion, Handouts, Question, and answer sessions.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction
2. Ascertain of Factory Expenses and Planning of Production Target
3. Ascertain of Production Target per month and per day.
4. Selection of Knitting Target.
5. Selection of Dyeing Target.
6. Detail analysis of Order Sheet for production planning
7. What is Time and Action Calendar (T&A Calendar) and how to prepare it?
8. What is Gantt Chart and How to prepare it for Garments Production monitoring
9. Planning of Fabric Procurement (for both imported and local)
10. Planning for Yarn Procurement (Knit).
11. Planning for Accessories Procurement.
12. Planning of Knitting.
13. Planning of Batching.

1. Planning of Dyeing including Dyes Chemical Procurement for both Dyeing Plant & Lab.
2. Planning of Fabric delivery to garments factory.
3. Planning of Cutting
4. Planning of Printing
5. Planning of Embroidery
6. Planning of Production with Machine requirement.
7. Planning of washing
8. Planning of Finishing Considering Packing Assortment.
9. Planning of Samples and Sample Management.
10. Planning of Lab-Test.
11. Planning of Cargo Transshipment along with Freight Calculation.
12. Planning of Shipment including container requirement (for Sea Shipment).
13. Planning for Air-shipment (if any) including freight calculation for both Gross & Volumetric Weight.
14. Any Question.
15. Revision.
16. Conclusion.

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Factory Owners, Managing Directors, CEO, Directors, Personnel from Planning Department, Knitting In-charge, Dyeing In-charge, Washing In-charge, Personnel of Production, Personnel of Work Study and Time Study and those who wish to learn How to do Planning in Garments Sector to ensure on-time shipment.